July 2010 - Trip to the East Coast
Big Bike Trip
Ride Day 3 - 2 Jul                                                     Quint Distance: 43.7 miles            Quint Total: 57.3 miles

Today was the first day of the Eastern Tandem Rally.  There was no "official" ride, but a few ride suggestions were made.  We opted
for the Saratoga Lake Loop.  After riding from he RV park to town, riding the loop and returning, it was 43 miles.  Tomorrow starts
the official rally - 116 tandem and triplet teams.  No quads or quints that we could tell, but maybe...
Ride Day 4 - 3 Jul                                                     Quint Distance: 61.0 miles            Quint Total: 118.3 miles

Officially, day 1 of the tandem rally!  We rode north to the Hudson river then over to Moreau Lake and back to Saratoge Springs.  
Big ride on rolling hills (though some might claim they were mountains), and great weather.  We have not been able to get into the
small chainring since we changed the middle chainring, so climbing was a bit more challenging than usual, but we made it work.  
Lots of bikes at lunch, but somehow we drew a big crowd (despite really, really, REALLY nice tandems all around us to look over).  
Ride Day 5 - 4 Jul                                                     Quint Distance: 39.1 miles            Quint Total: 157.4 miles

Day 2 (or 3) of the tandem rally!  The ride started after the 4th of July 4 mile run (who runs 4 miles, really?!?!?).  Today we
revisited the Battle of Saratoga - riding to the Saratoga Battle Monument, then to the Battlefield itself.  Being the 4th of July, they
were having a naturalization ceremony at the battlefield, complete with people in revolutionary costume (evidently they liked
chocolate chip cookies in 1776).  
The horse and jockey crossing the road
from the stables to the race track have never
seen a bike like this before...
Crossing Stewarts Dam on the Hudson River.
Crossing Stewarts Dam on the Hudson River.