July 2010 - Trip to the East Coast
Big Bike Trip
Ride Day 6 - 5 Jul                                                     Quint Distance: 14.0 miles            Quint Total: 171.4 miles

Today was the last day of the Eastern Tandem Rally.  Again, there was no "official" ride, but we decided to do the Saratoga
Boulevard Loop.  It was a short ride around town Just to see some of the sights, the old homes and the race course.  Now it's on to
Trexlertown, for Junior Track Nationals.  We will post race information
HERE (which accounts for ride days 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11, but no
quint rides) and continue with quint rides on this page...
Ride Day 7 - 6 Jul                                                     Quint Distance: 0.0 miles            Quint Total: 171.4 miles

Planned "Covered Bridge" ride delayed due to bicycle maintenance.  We will move this ride to Sunday after Jr. Track Nationals...

Ride Day 11 - 11 Jul                                                Quint Distance: 34.9 miles           Quint Total: 206.3 miles

After Track Nationals and before leaving Trexlertown, we were able to squeeze the "Covered Bridge" loop into the schedule.  Added
bonus, Marty Nothstein gave us permission to take the quint on the velodrome for a spin.  SWEEEEET!!!!!!!
Ride Day 12 - 12 Jul                                                     Quint Distance: 38.0 miles            Quint Total: 244 miles

More mechanical issues forced removal of the trip computer(long story), so distances are estimations from now on.  Todays ride
was a simple proposition - Allentown to Clinton, NJ via the Canal Tow Path.  I should have heeded the warning when we had a flat
rear tire on the first section between Allentown and Easton, PA.  The plan was to have the front derailleur fixed in Easton, so we
dropped the bike off, had lunch then went to the Crayola Factory Museum and the Tow Path Museum.  Things seemed to be working
out well.  We began the leg from Easton to Clinton, and realized the front derailleur was still not working right.  No big deal, not much
climbing (we thought), and it's just a simple adjustment now - keep going.  About 7-8 miles into the ride, the road we are supposed
to ride was closed - luckily, there was a posted detour.  Unfortunately, about 2 miles later we found out the detour was onto the
interstate.  Nice...  Consult the map - retrace our steps, and take an alternate route.  Which was STRAIGHT UP the mountain
(evidently they don't know anything about switchbacks on the east coast).  Because we couldn't get into our low gear, we broke the
chain about 1/4 mile up the hill.  We decided to walk up the hill, and fix it at the top.  Once I fixed the chain, I didn't realize it was so
short - turns out we were very limited on the gearing, and when we shifted into the lower gears, it would lock the rear derailler in the
low gear.  GREAT!!!  Did I mention the sun setting on us and the nice thunderstorm that hit during the final 5 miles???  Oh well...