July 2010 - Trip to the East Coast
Big Bike Trip
Ride Day 16 - 16 Jul                                                     Quint Distance: 62.0 miles            Quint Total: 341 miles

The next day we started out on our ride from New York to Princeton, NJ.  WHAT A DAY!!!  It started out with the worst possible route
out of Jersey City - the East Coast Greenway (ECG) route followed
TRUCK ROUTE 9 out of the city.  Over the second narrow bridge
with no bike lane and lots of LARGE trucks, we ran over an old rusty muffler and sliced our tire into ribbons.  The day just continued
from there - by the end, we had broken the chain again, sliced our tire, punctured tubes about 8 time (see the "bridge" picture on the
ECG below if you want to know how...), walked about 1.5 miles to a bike shop for more spare tubes, and called for the support
vehicle to rescue us when we ran out of tubes AGAIN!!!  Not only that, but the front rim took light damage, the back rim got warped
badly and has a bent spoke, and the braking surface on the back rim is gouged in several places.  I don't recommend the ECG route
through New Jersey.  I don't think the people who created it ever rode it (there was a left turn on the route where no left turns were
allowed).  It would be bad on a single bike, much less the quint.  Oh well - venting complete...
Ride Day 17 - 17 Jul                                                     Quint Distance: 44.0 miles            Quint Total: 385 miles

With a new sense of hope, we started out from Princeton to Philadelphia.  We decided to give the path one more chance - bad idea.  
More punctures, a bridge closure and a broken chain were the result.  NO MORE ECG!!!  From now on we are on roads.  We did have
a nice dinner (although it was a little later than planned) with friends from the East Coast Tandem Rally - thanks Victor and Gail.
Ride Day 18 - 18 Jul                                                     Quint Distance: 8.0 miles            Quint Total: 393 miles

In Philadelphia, we basically drove into town then rode to the different sights.  It was a nice easy riding day, and we got to see
everything we wanted.
Ride Day 19 - 19 Jul                                                     Quint Distance: 26.0 miles            Quint Total: 419 miles

On our ride from the RV park near Philadelphia to Lums Pond State Park, we had to shuttle the bike across Delaware Memorial
Bridge, so the ride was shorter than originally planned.  The ride was much better - when we did have our only flat, Stephanie
commented on how we'd gone soooo long without a flat - about an hour!!!

Ride Day 20 - 20 Jul                                                     Quint Distance: 37.0 miles            Quint Total: 456 miles

Another great day of riding out of Delaware and into Maryland was under way when the weakened front wheel decided to break a
spoke - another new mechanical problem on the quint.  We called the rescue wagon again, and managed to get new spokes so I
could fix the wheel, but the ride was shortened again.  Still a great ride, though; and nobody complained about less mileage...

Ride Day 21 - 21 Jul                                                     Quint Distance: 42.0 miles            Quint Total: 498 miles

Perfect day - we started by shuttling the bike over the Bay Bridge into Annapolis, MD.  We swung through the US Naval Academy, just
to see (GO AIR FORCE!!!)  then rode on to DC.