July 2010 - Trip to the East Coast
Big Bike Trip
After riding into DC, we rode up and down the mall taking in the sights and doing a quick look at the monuments.  The next two days
were spent going through museums and taking a closer look at the monuments.  What a great time...
Ride Day 22 - 24 Jul                                                     Quint Distance: 38.0 miles            Quint Total: 536 miles

Leaving DC, we rode back through town, one more pass by the mall then took the Mount Vernon Trail to... Mount Vernon.  We were
going to ride all the way to Fredericksburg, but the INSANE HEAT changed our mind - we modified the plan the night before and
arranged a pick-up and shuttle to the RV park.  The planned worked out great, because it was crazy hot by noon.  

Ride Day 23 - 25 Jul                                                     Quint Distance: 37.0 miles            Quint Total: 573 miles

From Fredericksburg to Richmond was a shorter day, and with the impending heat, we decided to ride early and get in before lunch.  
The ride was great, but the heat was incredible, even before we finished at about 11:00.  Even the locals thought we were crazy for
being outside.

We decided to skip the ride from Richmond to Williamsburg; too hot.  Instead we drove and went to the movies.  Everyone thought it
was a good idea.  Unfortunately, it was our last planned "touring" ride - just the ride to Jamestown is remaining.

Ride Day 24 - 28 Jul                                                     Quint Distance: 26.0 miles            Quint Total: 599 miles

After touring most of Colonial Williamsburg on the 27th, we rode back to see the Governor's Palace on the 28th.  From there we
continued our ride down the Colonial Freeway to Historic Jamestown.  Another great day of riding, a fantastic tour of Jamestown, and
we even got the artisans at the Glass House (glass blowing) to make a custom ornament for us.

We ended the trip with about 600 miles on the quint, good racing experience on the track, an RV in the shop, no money in our wallet,
and lots of great memories (although not enough souvenirs for some).  Sounds like a great trip - now if we can just get home...