We have ventured into the realm of Bicycle Racing - Road, Track and Cyclocross,
so far.  The girls began in 2009, but I will start here with 2010.
The season started with the Koppenberg Circuit - dirt roads, steep hills, strong wind and coooold
weather for the first race.
The girls strategically placed themselves in the back of the pack for the start.....  Very good race for their first road race ever.
Victoria managed third place - Katherine was right behind in fourth (not bad considering it was a 10-14 age group - she was 2nd in the
normal 10-12).  They didn't have a 8-9 group, so Stephanie did the kids fun race - looking like a seasoned veteran already.
Next was the Boulder-Roubaix (an obvious reference to a cycling classic).  More dirt roads and lots of dust.  Unfortunately, a
logistical error left Katherine disqualified (after a good race to boot), and a mechanical left Victoria way off the pace.  Oh well -
sometimes racing is tough.  Stephanie didn't race Roubaix.
The Groove Subaru Spring Criterium was next.  Stephanie finally races a 8-12 age group - and is terribly upset that she only
manages 5th (until we discovered she beat every other 8-9 and several of the 10-12s).  Katherine is very happy with her 3rd place
showing in the 8-12 group, but Victoria is upset by a strong 13-14 girls field, managing to pull a 6th.
Lookout Mountain Hill climb is next - 1200 feet of climbing in 4.5 miles.  The good news is there is an 8-9 age group for Stephanie
- which she proceeds to win (she may have been a little happy about that).  Katherine misses out on a medal by taking 4th in the
10-14 age group (impressive for a 10 year old, I think).  Victoria would like me to omit her finishing position in that same age