After Lookout Mountain, we headed to the track for a little practice and to make sure new bikes fit.  
Stephanie got her first chance on the track.
The next day, we went on a Quint ride in the morning, then raced the Sandstone Criterium in the
afternoon.  Cold and windy again, tough day for racing, but the girls did great - Victoria was 5th,
Katherine grabbed another 3rd, and Stephanie managed 5th (racing up in the 10-12 group; first for her
age again).  
Next was The Wheels of Thunder (you must say it with gusto - followed by SUNDAY, SUNDAY,
SUNDAY!!!) Criterium in Denver.  A great event; very well done, especially for the juniors.  Victoria didn't
race due to a band competition, but the other two did.  Katherine was second in the 10-12 race and
Stephanie won the 8-9 race.  Both of them had great races - Katherine edged out a girl that has beat
her several times this year.  Payback time!?!?!
State Time Trail Championships were next.  Stephanie was rider number one, and led everyone out on
the course.  Good rides in a new discipline for the girls - Kit got third and Stephanie got second.