Next was Junior Track Nationals in Trexlertown, PA.  It is HOT!!!  Training on the track on Tuesday and
Wednesday was very limited due to the extreme heat.  Racing is Thursday to Sunday (nothing for us on
Day one of Jr Track Nationals and both girls started with the 500 meter time trial.  Both turned in
personal best times (dropping significant time), but were unable to beat the girls in their age groups.  
First lesson - Nationals is FAST!!!.
New personal records for both girls - Victoria with a 49.678 and Kit with a 55.509.  Funny difference, Kit
was happy with her race and having improve by 6 seconds in a month, but Victoria was upset because
she lost, despite shaving over 10 seconds in the same month.  I doubt anyone else in her age group
has improved that much in the past 2 years...  We hope to set new PRs at States next month - 45
seconds and 50 seconds are the goals.
Day 2 was Victoria's 4 km scratch race, and Kit's 1 km scratch race.  Both girls did OK, keeping up
with the main pack until late in the race, just lacking a little top-end speed to keep up.  They are using
the experience as motivation for the off-season training, which is nice to see.
Day 3 - Victoria raced a 8km points race.  A very difficult race, especially with limited experience.  She
wasn't happy with the result (again), but raced well and learned a lot.  Katherine started with her 2 km
scratch race.  She was very excited - she wasn't last (9th of 12 actually - best result of the event), and
she was bumped by a couple girls that crashed, and managed to get out of the crash without falling.  
Evidently that is very exciting!!!  No events for either girl on day 4, so thats it for Junior Nats!!!!!