Frostbite TT 2011  Start of the season race, just to get things going.
Mead-Roubaix 2011  Tough race on dirt and paved roads.  Kit decides she likes to win.
Cycling-Recycling Stage Race 2011
Koppenberg Classic 2011
Wheels of Thunder 2011
Colorado Mini-Classic 2011  Juniors only stage race - a BIG deal in Colorado racing.
Salida Classic 2011   Another stage race - this time for everyone - but another great race.
Lookout Mountain Hill Climb 2011
Bannock Street Crit 2011 State Criterium Championships.
Raisin Hope Crit 2011  Last road race of the season.
Queens of Cross 2011
Interlocken Cross 2011
Rock Ledge Ranch Cross 2011
2011 began with more racing.  All 3 girls have set one of their goals to get Best All-Around Rider for the
American Cycling Association for the year.  Lets see how they do.  Pictures are posted on Facebook,
so I will post links here.  
Best All-Around Rider  We end the season with one first place (10-12 girls) and two second place (13-14 and 8-9
girls) finishes in the BAR competition.  Also got a first (8-9), second (10-12) and third (13-14) for the team competitions.
Cyclocross season is a learning season for us.  All five of us raced, and learned the basics.