Our first group ride was with the Colorado Tandem Club.  Their membership drive meeting and ride
was a great ride for us - a chance to meet some riders and a good way to go a little farther.  This ride
was just over 20 miles (we stopped short by plan), and was the first of our
longer rides.
After a couple more club rides near Denver (where we increased our distance to 32 miles), we
realized that getting pictures of us was difficult because we were all on the bike....
We also began to go out on our own and ride some of the scenic rides in the area:

A ride around Lake Dillon near Frisco, CO was our first solo ride away from Colorado Springs (and a
good test for the roof rack).
A relatively short loop around Leadville, CO was another great ride - very picturesque and a perfect
challenge for our big bike.
Local 2005