The following weekend, we finally had a chance to ride with the local club - the Colorado Springs Cycling Club.  We
did their Sunday social ride - a nice and easy ride around town.  No good pictures, though.  The following weekend
was the
Starlight Spectacular; a midnight ride to benefit the Trails and Open Space Coalition.  The girls were very
excited to stay up late, and a late afternoon nap made it work.  They were tired (and zombie-ish at times), but stayed
up for the ride and the post ride pancake breakfast.  They were still up when we got home at 3:30!!!  Not easy to get
good pictures at night - sorry.  The following week, we were featured in  
The Slice (select Woodslice , 21 Jun 2006) -
New paint was the next thing on our plate.  Although waiting until the end of the season would make sense, I was
out of town for a few weeks, and it just fit into our schedule (sort of).  To see the results, click here:
Grandma and Grandpa came to visit - and Grandpa got to ride on the bike
Local 2006