Local Rides 2008
We missed the Twilight Spectacular this year while in Coeur D'Alene, and since a late
night ride is somehow an annual requirement, the
Moonlight Classic in Denver was
next.  With a costume contest (we took second as "Running with the Bull"), and a
night-time ride through Denver with several thousand people, this ride was a blast.
We also made the promotional video for the Moonlight Classic and found out we were
in the
video for Elephant Rock.  I'm now waiting for the royalties to start flowing in, and
expect to hear from the Academy about my nomination any day...  I'd like to thank...
The above photos were taken by Scot Henderson for OnTarget Public Relations.  
Thanks for sending them to us, and allowing us to post them.
Next we rode to the balloon classic again.  Beautiful day for a ride and good pictures,
but the wind blew away from the lake, so very few lake pictures - but Pikes Peak is in
the background this year...