Local Rides 2009
2009 was more of the same rides on the quint, but also saw the girls get started in
competitive cycling.  They signed up to race with the local club (
The Front Rangers)
and decided on road and track for this year.  Even the 6 year old got her own road
First team ride in Garden of the Gods.
New (tiny) road bike.
Cold weather team ride - only
two riders showed up???
First ride around the block with big sis - dropped like a bad habit...
The 2009 Buena Vista Bike Fest saw us complete our longest ride yet - about 65 miles.  
It was a beautiful (and exhausting) day - no pictures.  The Colorado Tandem Club
Memorial Day Tour took us to Aspen this year.  Day 1 was a ride from Aspen UP to the
Maroon Bells in the cold and light drizzle (at times).  It also began a great wilderness
adventure for us: we saw a lot of wildlife on this trip.
The view behind us.
The view ahead.
At Maroon Bells - I believe it is the highest point on the planet
(based on the ride...).  Look, marmots.
Day 2 - I have no idea where we went, but it was a great ride.  Still cold and wet, but fun.
Day 3 - On the drive to start the ride, a bear ran across the highway in front of us.  
Brave - and lucky.  We rode up to a reservoir north of Aspen.  Again cool and wet with a
whole lot of UP...
The view ahead.
We spotted a young horned owl on a rock by the road (we assume
he was too tired or young to fly).  Upon inspection, an adult was
perched in a tree nearby keeping an eye on the youngster.
The dog at the ranch where
we turned around had the
greatest day of his life...
Turn around.