Local Rides 2010
2010 started with some local rides in the area to get ready for RACING.  The first race
was the Koppenberg Circuit.  The girls did great - taking 3rd and 4th in the 10-14 age
group in their first road race.  Not too shabby:
We also had a participant in the kids race - it was a little bit short for her, but a good
first race...
The Colorado Tandem Club Expo Ride has become a standard for us - this year it was
cold, windy, and the girls were racing in the afternoon, but we made it anyway.  After
flatting a couple times, we thought hard about that plan...
The Buena Vista Bike Fest was snowed out this year...  To bad, we were hoping to do
our first century.  We still rode (about 35 mile), but as you can see, not too many others
joined us.  These pics are from what should be rest stop 1!  Good thing we had the
new jackets.
The weather cleared up in the afternoon, so the "post-ride" party went on - walking to
the party, the great band, the raffle bicycles (thanks Giant bicycles - no we didn't win),
dancing and duck watching.