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First off, a bicycle built for five is called a quint.  Our quint is actually what is referred to as a
convertible quint, because it's geometry allows it to be converted from a quint down to a quad, a triplet,
or a tandem.  The process uses ingenious couplers to join each bike section and cable connectors to
join brake and shift cable sections.

We enjoy the bike for many reasons, but most importantly it gives our family something to do together.  
In the winter we all ski (our youngest started 1 week before her 2nd birthday), and in the summer we
ride.  A 5 person bicycle just seems like the right way to do it.

Feel free to look around at our pictures, and please contact us if you have pictures of us from an event
(we do, on occasion have people take our picture).  We would love to include pictures from other
riders on our site.
Latest updates:

2011 racing
18 Mar 2012

Laser Pic
18 Mar 2012
Elephant Rock, 2008
Glacier National Park, 2008
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