Here's how our bike became our bike:
from meridian cycles for his family to use.  After riding it for a few years with his kids, he decided to
Precision Tandems in Kansas City, is the BIG BIKE expert.  He bought this bike Mark Johnson, from  in
Kansas City, is the BIG BIKE expert.  He bought this bike sell it.  
Delivery was a bit overwhelming...As was assembly!!!

But excitement was high.  New bike and new clothes...
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After a few practice runs with no stokers, we are ready to try it as a group.  Everyone must be in uniform
for the maiden voyage...
Turning is a challenge initially, but everyone soon has the hang of it - and we're off.
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A short ride to begin, just a few times around the block.  Already we're noticing the LOOKS...
Most early season rides were from the house, but occasionally we wanted to ride somewhere else.  
Transportation of a 15 foot long bike is a concern.  At first, we used the couplers to break the bike in half,
Part of the rack stays on the van, but the extensions are removable, and the two uprights fold down.  To
get the bike up there, you attach the fork to a fork mount that pivots while the rear wheel stays on the
ground.  After its connected, you simply lift the rear wheel into the wheel tray and bungee the bike to the
uprights.  One person can do it - but it's MUCH easier with two.
Future modifications allowed the rack to be put on my car which could be connected to our RV.  I look
more like a train than a RV, but it works out very well for getting to, and riding in events.
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New Bike
Delivery and Assembly
First Ride

Car Rack

New Paint