We decided, early this year, to get the bike re-painted.  The old paint was worn through in a few spots (I
think from being transported on racks), and we didn't want to loose the frame to rust.  Our original plan
was to have it painted with regular paint, but we lucked into finding a company in town,
Powder Works,  that specializes in custom powder coating bicycles.  They do other things, but they
are all about bikes - doing paint for several companies, and custom jobs from around the world.  The
bike is unbelievable.  We actually had someone comment on the paint today (first day back on the
road), not on the fact that it's a quint...

Here's what it looked like:                                                           Here's what it looks like now:
Here's some more detailed pictures of the graphics - notice the reverse color on the first section, the graphics on the headtube, the color, the
detail.  All of this, and it's powder coat!!!
New Paint