LiveStrong Denver and Ride for the Roses 2006
This page will contain information about our attempt to raise contributions
for the Lance Armstrong Foundation in order to take part in the Denver
Livestrong Ride and, hopefully, the 2006 Ride for the Roses.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the LAF on our behalf.  The ride was
a great success (as far as we could tell), and a lot of fun.  The ride is over,
but you can still make a contribution - maybe someone wants to contribute
the $72,500 or so we need to go to Austin???

To make a contribution, or see our progress, visit our
team page on the
Lance Armstrong site or our individual pages:
Registration went smoothly - They even managed to find child size t-shirts (a first for us).  Ride morning
came early, but everyone was excited.
An accident on the interstate delayed the start, but soon we were off - and up the hill out of the parking lot.
They ran out of cups at the first rest stop - but we were able to improvise.
After the finish, everyone needs a massage, and a balloon.
RFTR 2006
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